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What to Consider When Choosing an SLR Film Camera

When selecting a Rollei or other SLR cameras, there are many features and types to consider. Here are some questions that may come up in the film SLR selection process.

What is an SLR film camera?

SLR cameras have a single lens with a reflex mirror that allows you to view the image in the viewfinder. They use a roll of film that creates an image by exposing the film to light. Once all of the photos have been taken, the canister can be developed into hard copy images.

How do you select a SLR film camera?
  • Choose a brand and model: Some SLR cameras will have a single lens while others can switch out the lens for different types of shots.
  • Select the features you need: Some SLR cameras will allow for different shooting modes, manual settings, and timer options as well.
  • Choose a focus type: You can select from manual and automatic focus SLR camera options.
  • Choose a camera model year: Some models will be vintage cameras produced in earlier years using different lens options and film types.
  • Choose filters Some SLR cameras will have colored filters that allow you to adjust the color and design of a photograph by attaching a filter to the lens.
What type of film do SLR cameras use?

Most SLR cameras will use 35mm film, which consists of a chemical strip with perforations on both edges of the frame. The perforations allow the SLR camera to line up the frames for each shot. Each foot of 35mm will have 16 frames; 35mm refers to the width of the frame. When light passes through the strip, the chemicals will react to create the photograph.

What types of lenses do SLR cameras use?
  • Telephoto lenses have a long focal length and provide a higher level of magnification for photos. This type of lens is used for subjects shot from a moderate to far distance.
  • A wide-angle lens has a short focal length. This style has a wide field of view up to 180 degrees depending on the lens style.
  • A macro lens is designed for close-up photography. The lenses inside the casing are designed to focus on the sharpness and contrast in the photos.
What is the difference between manual and autofocus SLR cameras?

Manual SLR cameras will have a dial on the lens that allows you to adjust the focus by turning the dial. To use manual focus SLR cameras, you will turn the dial until the subject become focused in the viewfinder. Some SLR camera models will have an autofocus system built into the design. These generally use infrared sensors or other mechanisms to get the image in focus on the viewfinder.