SIG SAUER Small of the Back Right Hunting Gun Holsters

Whether hunting or concealing your pistol, you need to be ready at a moment's notice to hit your fast-moving target. The Sig Sauer models of compact gun holsters clip on to your side or back to keep your firearm secure, protected, and accessible. When the holster is secured behind your back, it is possible to draw standing up, sitting down, or horizontal.

How do you find the proper holster belt size?

Holsters for the small of the back are designed for special holster carrying belts. This accessory provides an extra layer of security and prevents sweat and moisture from damaging the gun. They fit differently than the standard sized ones you wear with your pants, so here are a few different methods for determining the proper size:

  • Current belt: Measure from the metal buckle to the hole you use most often.
  • Flexible measuring tape: Thread the tape through the loops of your pants. Where the tape stops is your measurement.
  • Pant size: While not the most accurate method, you can add four inches to the size of your current pants. If carrying more than one holster, add an inch for each extra item.
What materials are available for these hunting gun holsters?

Choosing the right holster also comes down to the material you prefer. These holsters come in a variety of materials, including the following:

  • Kydex: A material made from vinyl, this holster model tends to be thinner and lighter than leather. Designed for a compact model pistol, it is also durable.
  • Leather: This material for compact holsters matches more items of clothing, making it easier to blend in. Leather is also typically thicker than most holster materials, adding further security.
  • Suede: A lining made of suede will help protect your weapon from damage to the finish from wear and tear of drawing the gun.
What security features are there for the Sig Sauer holsters?

If you carry your gun loaded and with a bullet in the chamber, it is important to choose a model that helps prevent falls and accidental fires. Sig Sauer holsters for guns carried in the back have straps to prevent the weapon from falling out. This model will typically secure the gun to the holster with a snap, allowing for a quick draw and fire. Some models have dual straps to provide an extra layer of security while still allowing a smooth draw.

What holster colors are there?

The most typical colors for small of the back Sig Sauer carry holsters are black or brown. These are common colors because of how they blend with hunting gear, thus maintaining the level of concealment that hunters require. It is also possible to find these holsters in dark red and different shades of orange.