T-Mobile USB Modem

T-Mobile USB Modems

USB modems, sometimes called USB sticks, keep you connected during your travels and whenever you are on the go. With these devices, you can connect your PC or a router to the internet via broadband connections. It is quick and easy to connect with carriers like T-Mobile, and you will have a secure connection when you have to be away from home.

What modems are available?

Many units are offered by brands like Alcatel, Huawei, T-Mobile, and ZTE. They are available as either 3G or 4G. You will find models like the ZTE Rocket 4-G, Jet 2.0, Alcatel One Touch W800, Hotspot Z915, T-Mobile UMG181, and more.

How do you connect your computer using the 4G stick?

If you want to connect to Windows, insert the stick into a USB port on the computer or laptop. Installation should start automatically. If it does not, go to My Computer, click on webConnect Mg, and then select AutoRun.exe. Once the installation has completed, click Finish. Next, a connection manager opens to connect to the network.

If you want to connect on Mac, insert the stick into a USB port on the computer or laptop. Select webConnect Mg, then Mac. Once you reach T-Mobile Connection Manager.mpkg., click on it and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

In what situations would a mobile modem be useful?

With these units, you are not dependent on a physical connection to the web and you will not have to look for Wi-Fi.

  • Save data: If you do not have an unlimited data plan for your smartphone, your modem can be used to keep you connected without going over your limit.
  • Save your phone: Not only will you reserve your phones battery by using this device to connect to the web, but youll also be able to use the phone while connected.
  • Security: When properly set up, your connection using your modem is more secure than the free public wireless connection offered by your coffee shop or hotel.
  • Sharing the connection: If you are traveling or staying somewhere without free Wi-Fi, you can use the modem with your laptop to create an internet connection for it, and you can often add five to 10 more users to the connection. If you are traveling with kids or teens, this can be a bonus.
  • Speed: While many newer smartphones can actually function as mobile hot spots, they cannot match the speed of using a hot spot or USB modem. Some people use these devices instead of their home internet connections because the speed is better.
  • Stay connected longer: These devices allow you to work for longer periods of time without dropping the connection.
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