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How a Yoga Strap Can Deepen Your Practice

A yoga strap is a long fabric belt or sling that can help improve your yoga practice. A yoga strap can help you get a deeper stretch and can make certain poses accessible to a novice yogi.

Is a yoga strap necessary for a successful yoga practice?

You don't need to use a yoga strap to practice yoga. That said, it's a helpful tool that can open up new avenues to your practice. For beginners, some poses might be difficult or impossible. A strap can sometimes make these poses accessible. For more advanced yoga students, a strap can help you get deeper into a pose. Maintaining proper alignment is another important advantage of using a yoga strap. A strap can also improve extension and expand range of motion. You don't need a strap to practice yoga, but a yoga strap can almost always improve and deepen your practice.

Are there different types of yoga straps?

There are a few variations to be aware of when shopping for a yoga strap on eBay. Most straps are 6 feet in length, but some are longer. A longer strap can be helpful for different heights and body types but the 6-foot strap length is a good fit for the average person. Many yoga straps have a buckle fastener or D-ring on one end that allows you to create a loop and adjust the strap's length. Some straps feature several loops throughout the length of the strap to make it easier to get a good position in different poses.

Most straps are around 1.5 inches in width, but you will also see straps that are wider or narrower. A narrower strap can be more comfortable to hold, especially for those with smaller hands, while a wider strap can be more comfortable when wrapped around other parts of the body. Finally, you will see straps in a variety of colors. Adding your favorite color to your yoga session might lift your spirits.

Does it make a difference what material the strap is made from?

Most yoga straps are made from non-elastic cotton or nylon. These materials are strong and don't stretch out. Some resistance bands are advertised as yoga straps, but the stretchiness of this material is not ideal for typical yoga strap use. You may need a stronger resistance band for effective yoga use. These bands are typically made of natural or synthetic latex rubber. A 100% cotton or nylon yoga strap will be most effective for helping you deepen your yoga practice.

Can you use a yoga harness as a yoga strap?

A yoga mat harness is a special strap used for carrying your yoga mat. In some cases, this strap can double as a yoga strap, but typically the two belts are not interchangeable.